Nice to meet you. You are visiting this page because you are maybe looking for a new pool. We hope you will be convinced by our ideas and this project. We would be very happy when you become part of our pool and the community which is building around it.


What is the main goal of your pool ?

Create a pool which is high available and reliable. We create NFTs and support artists who also create NFTs.

Who are you ?

We are three friends who are working hard to build a nice community.

Me is studying for a Master’s degree in Applied Computer Science and I have been working in the field of information technology for a long time and I have a variety of background. I believe in the idea and the concept of Cardano.

Nikolai has a Bachlor of Applied Computer Science. While he works as an administrator for a big company he is programming backend systems.

Julia has a Bachelor in Arts and creates NFTs of different styles. She loves to create art for other people.

We are interested in new ideas. One of this ideas is the Cardano project. To support this important and innovative project, we decided to start a pool to support decentralisation.

Why should I delegate to your pool?

Smaller is better ! While you delegate to a oversaturated pool, which has millions of stacked ADA, your rewards are getting very small. On a small pool like ours „a block really matters“. This means you get a bigger reward as on big pools.

Beyong that we are a highly motivated, enthusiastic team.

The more the pool grows there is a better chance to build a nice community around it. Futhermore you support a project that helps to decentralise the Cardano network. The idea of Cardano is that many pools exist. In order to prevent the voting power from just a few larger pools, it makes sense to support smaller pools.

Many people have the same goals. What do you offer ME ?

We offer a Giveaway for you loyalty. We also have a very small margin of 0.2% until August 2021. When our pool generates a block, an reward is paid to the pool. 99.8% of this reward is automatically distributed to the delegators.The Pool keeps 0.2% of the rewards to pay the server and make further investments. After august we stay on 1% margin.

What hardware do you use ?

We use two root server. One server is the relay and one is a producer node.


2 x Root Server :
8 Core Xeon
800 GB SSD
500MBit/s fibre optic

What are your plans in the near future?

We want extend our hardware and server to have a more reliable infrastructure.

How can I support your Pool ?

The best way to support us and our Pool is a delegation. If you dont know how a delegation works here you can find our handwritten guides .

Also you can follow me on twitter

In addition, we would appreciate a donation to our ADA account :

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