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I am happy to have you here. This means you could be looking for a new pool behind a great idea. First, I’d love for you to read through what I have to offer you. Maybe you will be convinced by me and become part of my wonderful community and pool soon.

Why should I support a small pool?

Because my pool is small. The idea of Cardano is that many pools exist and all participate in a decentralisation. If there are only a few large pools, this contrasts with decentralisation.

Why should I delegate to your pool?

I am a highly motivated, enthusiastic Cardano fan. I am studying for a Master’s degree in Applied Computer Science and I have been working in the field of information technology for a long time and have a variety of background. I believe in the idea behind Cardano and stand behind the concept.

What hardware do you use ?

I have two root servers. One server is the relay and one is a producer node. On top of that, we have six Raspberrie Pi 4 distributed in different locations to guarantee maximum fail-safety.


2 x Root Server :
8 Core Xeon
800 GB SSD
500MBit/s fibre optic


6 x Raspberrie Pi4
Broadcom BCM2711, Quad-Core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8), 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz
100-200 MBits/s

Each location has a producer and a relay node connected to the other locations.

Do I get my reward?

Yes, of course! You always get a reward for staking on a pool.

Do you own my Cardanos ?

No! You just show your trust in my/our work. You can use your Cardano at any time or delegate it to other pools.

When will I get my reward ?

The time between the first delegation and the payment of the reward is 4 epochs (20days). You will receive your reward every epoch. This is to slow down the constant pool hopping.

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